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Hi, I'm Gisela

 I am the founder and owner of Pure Beauty Collective,
and this is my story to pure beauty.

My love for the whole beauty industry finds its roots in my childhood, where I was intrigued by the beautiful fragrances of my grandmother’s skincare products and hair salon visits with my mom. Later, my passion for this industry stretched beyond the beautiful fragrances, textures and colours of hair and beauty products – I became passionate about contributing to this industry in a healthy, natural and earth-conscious way.

Over the years, I got to know the ins and outs of the hair and beauty industry. I worked as a hairdresser, colour specialist and later opened my own salon. I know the science behind healthy hair and glowing skin and have seen how whole and healthy products can achieve fabulous results.

I was soon approached by bhave a beautiful Australian brand who introduced me to the wondrous world of bioactive keratin. bhave hair products contain this magical ingredient. Bioactive keratin is sustainably derived from pure New Zealand sheep’s wool. The active amino acids can be considered identical proteins to our hair (and skin) and penetrate the hair from the inside thus repairing and maintaining strength and elasticity. I started introducing bhave products to my own clients, and upon hearing their feedback and seeing wonderful results, I knew I had to share these products with a bigger audience. 

Another significant moment in my pure beauty journey was the discovery of Organic Lisah skincare products. This gorgeous brand endorses authentic skin products that are made from natural and whole ingredients – hence their “farm to face” approach. All Organic Lisah products are free from sulphates, parabens, or any harmful ingredients.

After being introduced to brands who were like-minded in their approach to hair and skin health, I knew that together, we could make a positive and powerful dent in the beauty industry. And this is how Pure Beauty Collective started. As a platform with exclusive, hand-picked products that are luxurious, made from quality ingredients and that do not compromise on the health and wellness of the planet.

This is my story, and this is the heart behind Pure Beauty Collective.

pure beauty, confident and naturally enhanced.

The thoughtfully curated products that form part of our collection enrich beauty and spark confidence in a way that is simultaneously kind to you and the planet. With these exclusive products, your beauty journey can be one that is pure in its approach to your own wellness and the wellness of our planet.

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world-class products, mindfully chosen.

We have linked hands with VANI-T and bhave , two beautiful international brands that approach beauty wholly and naturally. These brands create products that are wonderfully luxurious and that are kind to the environment throughout its entire production journey. And the kindness doesn’t stop there. These products are made from pure, whole ingredients that will enhance your beauty in the most healthy and natural way.

Organic Lisah is a gorgeous local brand that heroes natural, cruelty-free skincare. These products are vegan, sustainably sourced and made from organic ingredients that are gentle and nurturing to your skin. We love partnering with a local brand that seeks make the South African beauty approach simple and natural.