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Hair Growth Oil

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Groom Hair Growth Oil contains bio-active nutrients essential for hair growth. This product can be used to regenerate hair loss and hair thinning. With essential ingredients of ginger and vitamin E, This powerful combination assists to stop hair loss, thinning and balding, reparation of hair follicles and promote the healthy development of hair and scalp. Groom Hair Oil results to be expected: thicker hair and new hair growth.

Directions for use:

Intensive balding treatment:
Apply directly to balding/thinning areas of scalp daily.

Alternative usage:

1. Wash hair/scalp with warm water

2. Mix 3-4 drops of product with shampoo and apply to the scalp to get rich foam.

3. Massage hair roots/scalp with fingers for 2-3 minutes.

4. Wash hair thoroughly with warm water.

5. For product optimisation, use as a 2-part system in conjunction with Groom Hair Roller.

CAUTION: Be sure to split micro-needling and hair oil treatment sessions into morning and evening, leaving enough time for the scalp to heal after a micro-needling session.